Congonhas Airport to the Economy Flat

Congonhas airport to São Judas subway station.

- You should leave the airport at Av. Washington Luiz Nº 6808 and take the following bus: 675I-10 - Metro Sao Judas.

- Get off at Av. Jabaquara Nº2400 and enter the subway station São Judas.

Sao Judas metro station to Butantã subway station

-You should get LINE 1 BLUE towards TUCURUVI, get off at the LIGHT station.
At the LUZ station, transfer to the LINE 4 YELLOW in the BUTANTÃ direction.

- Get off at Butantã station.

Butantã metro station to Cheap Flat

-The station must be used underground to cross to Av. Vital Brasil
In Av. Vital Brasil direction Centro-bairro, one must take some of the buses listed at the end of this text .

-The descent point is at Av. Corifeu de Azevedo Marques Nº1000, in front of the "OBA" bus.

-Follow the bus stop at Corifeu de Azevedo Marques towards Centro-bairro until Rua Pedro Castelo Branco (Itaú bank branch).
Following Rua Pedro Castelo Branco (less than 100m), you will be in front of the Economic Flat.

-Buses that make the way mentioned:

225 - Carapicuiba (Cohab V)
428 - Barueri (Jardim Do Líbano)
458 - Carapicuiba (Cohab I)
516 - Jandira (Our Lady of Fatima Garden)
715M-10-Jd. Maria Luiza
719R-10 - Rio Pequeno
778J-10 - Jd. Arpoador
8705-10 - Continental Shopping
8019-10 - Continental Park
8707-10 - Rio Pequeno

Please be advised that this data can be changed at any time, since it is the responsibility of the respective public transport companies.