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Congress Intercom 2016 - USP

For 30 years, Intercom assumed the Communication / Education relationship as the theme of its eighth national congress, held in Indaiatuba, in the interior of São Paulo. The organizers of the event asked themselves in 1985 about the ways in which these two camps were in the process of crossing in the pursuit of their respective social intervention programs.

In 2016, INTERCOM takes up the theme at its XXXVIII congress in the city of São Paulo, asking about the nature of the phenomena that emerge when interdisciplinary integration occurs between these two areas of thought and human work. The paths that this process takes must be marked by the principle of social inclusion and the democratization of material and immaterial goods created by culture.

In addition to the "crossed paths", in the days of alternative communication and popular education, the "effectively integrated paths", in times of media convergence! The theme of the cycle of studies planned to take place at ECA / USP reflects the nature and volume of the research that focused, especially from the turn of the century, on the creative interface between Communication and Education, unveiling the delicate interface issues, trying to understand its transforming force in a society that seeks to overcome its inequalities and debates against integrative logic via the interests of the few in the market.

The theme also reflects the advances that have already allowed practical results with the emergence of undergraduate and baccalaureate courses, as well as the provision of specialized lato sensu courses and a consolidated extension line maintained by public and private universities, last 15 years, the creation and maintenance of public policies, at municipal, state and federal levels, contributing significantly to the improvement of education throughout the country.

In the INTERCOM 2016 study cycle, the political perspective of a communication / education will be revisited in the contents of the opening conference as well as in the presentations planned for the three round tables, respectively: "Paradigms for Integration"; "Paths to the construction of citizenship" and
"Technological Empowerment for Social Dialogue".

In the case of the considerations surrounding the virtues of the new technologies, unveiled by the brilliant minds that make them viable and research them, the debate over their appropriation is superimposed, towards the citizen's goals that are prioritized in a society that is intended to be democratic and in solidarity .

The agenda of INTERCOM 2016 therefore seeks to discuss sub-themes of immediate interest both to broaden the understanding of the contributions that the field of communication / education can offer to a project of society that seeks to improve the quality of life in society, as well as guidelines for the training of professionals for communication and education in a world in deep transformation.


Source: http://intercom2016site.wix.com/

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