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Congonhas airport to Flat Economico

Congonhas airport to Sao Judas subway station.

- One should leave the airport at 6808 Washington Luiz Avenue and hop on the bus: 675I-10 -"Metro Sao Judas".

- Hop off at 2400 Jabaquara Avenue and get inside Sao Judas metro station.

"Sao Judas" subway station to "Butantã" subway station

-Must board LINE 1 BLUE towards "TUCURUVI", get off at "Luz" station.
Therefore, At "Luz" station transfer to LINE 4 YELLOW towards "Butanta".

-Get off at "Butanta" station.

"Butanta" subway station to Flat Economico

-Cross "Vital Brasil" Avenue via Station's internal underground passway. At "Vital Brazil" Avenue go towards the neighborhood, take any of the buses listed at the end of this text.

-Get off the bus at 1000 "Corifeu de Azevedo Marques" Avenue, opposite "OBA" grocery store.

-Walk from the bus stop, at "Corifeu de Azevedo Marques" Avenue towards neighborhood to "Pedro Castelo Branco" Street ("Itaú" bank Agency).
At the end of 'Pedro Castelo Branco" Street (less than 100m), you will be facing the Flat Economico.

-Bus That make the mentioned way:

225 - Carapicuiba (Cohab V)
428 - Barueri (Libano Garden)
458 - Carapicuiba (Cohab I)
516 - Jandira (Our Garden Fatima Lady)
715M-10 - Jd.Maria Luiza
719R-10 - Rio Pequeno
778J-10 - Jd.striker
8705-10 - Shopping Continental
8019-10 - Continental Park
8707-10 - Rio Pequeno

Please be advised that these info can be changed at any time, since they are the responsibility of the respective public transport companies.